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Our Story

Campbelltown Theatre Group Incorporated (CTGi) is a collection of people from all walks of life with an interest in the world of theatrical performing arts. Our group was formed as the result of a public meeting held during 1956, with our first production, The Pirates of Penzance, performed in 1957.

CTGi is one of hundreds of community theatre groups across Sydney and Australia. A community theatre group is one that is operated by ordinary members of the public on a not-for-profit basis. Members give freely of their own time and resources, and there are no permanent paid staff. All income is returned to the group for use in the next production or for maintenance.

CTGi prides itself on providing audiences from the Macarthur area (an area of south-western Sydney taking in suburbs bordered by Liverpool, Camden, Picton and Appin) and beyond with quality and value-for-money entertainment which lives up to a professional standard.

CTGi is the oldest and largest theatrical company in the area and has provided opportunities for actors and off-stage personnel, many of whom have moved on to the professional scene. Our 100 plus members consist of those who have worked in professional theatre to beginners. Our members range in age from seven years old to people in their 70s.

Since 1980, CTGi has been based in the Town Hall Theatre, Campbelltown, a heritage building that has served our city in many different ways across its existence. From this building, we have produced a variety of works from well-known musicals to modern Australian plays, Shakespeare and even pieces by our own members.

CTGi is dedicated to being a leader in the local arts community. We achieve this by producing a variety of theatrical entertainment and offering anyone with an interest in theatre the chance to become involved, regardless of experience. The length of our existence is a testament to the success we have achieved across 60 years of entertaining the Macarthur region.

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Our Management

CTGi is registered as an incorporated body with the NSW Department of Fair Trading and is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws. The current version of our Constitution, which outlines the rules of how the group is managed and the guidelines which members are obliged to follow, was accepted by the membership in February 2003. The Constitution allows for the Group to be run by an Executive Committee of 11 members, each of whom occupies a specific role of responsibility to the membership. Elections for these positions are held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually held in February.

Our Executive Commitee

Our Executive Committee

Nicki James 2.jpg

Nicki James



Dean Irwin



Lauren Whelan

Production Manager

Christina 2.jpg

Christina Donoghue

Vice President of Public Relations

Carlos Headshot.jpg

Carlos Almeida

Director of Youth


Kirsten Jowsey

Production Manager

Felicity Burke_edited.jpg

Felicity Burke

Vice President of Membership

Dick Davis.jpg

David Cascarino

Director of House & Technical

Bradley Roe_edited.jpg

Bradley Roe

Production Manager

Boss Newks.jpg

Mike Newcombe


anston ratnayake_edited.jpg

Anston Ratnayake

Fundraising Chair

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