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CTGi News

A Night on the Town
Monologue Competition

Mark the 15th of August in your calendar. CTG will run the very popular competition for monologues. Prizes for writing, acting and a great fun night to attend. For more information contact Chris Donoghue on

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Working Bee

August 3 (Saturday) and 4 (Sunday) to continue the work on the costumes in the upstairs room and at the garage. Please register here and help out your group,
Many bees make light work!



9 to 5 the MUSICAL

In the bustling offices of Consolidated Industries, the fluorescent lights flicker over typewriters and ringing telephones, setting the stage for "9 to 5: The Musical." Meet Violet Newstead, the sharp-witted office manager; Doralee Rhodes, the sassy Southern secretary with a heart of gold; and Judy Bernly, the recently divorced newcomer to the workforce. Under the thumb of their egotistical and sexist boss, Franklin Hart Jr., these women endure the monotony of their 9 to 5 routine. But when Hart's predatory behavior reaches its peak, the trio bands together in a riotous rebellion, turning the office into a stage for empowerment, laughter, and unlikely friendships.

Tickets on sale now!

Read more information on CTGi's 9 to 5

CTGi Gala Night 2024

28th June saw CTGi Members and friends have a fantastic night of fun, food, games and laughter at the CTGi Gala Night at Barenz, Camden. Thank you to everyone who came an supported the event. And a special thanks to the CTGi Gala Committee for their vision and efforts in putting this special night together.

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