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Submit a Show Proposal

If you have a production you've been dying to do, you can pitch us your idea and we'll see if we can bring it to the stage. CTGi is always on the lookout for directors with a fresh vision and a keen eye for theatre.


The show proposals should include:

  • You and/or your team's theatrical CVs

  • The reason why you or your team wants to propose this show for next season. What impact will it have on our theatre community?

  • The vision you and/or your team have for the show (if you are wanting to direct the show). This may include set drawings, storyboards, scene breakdowns, or even a mood board.

  • The show's plot.

  • Suggested schedule.

  • Casting Information.

  • Budget - please fill out the spreadsheet below. It will give you suggestions and guidance from previous shows.


  2. Send your submission to

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