Production Fees & Forms

If you have been cast in a production, a production fee is due.

Production fees and membership fees (for non-members) are due within 4 weeks of commencing rehearsals. 


Step #1 - Complete the Forms

Please complete the following Membership and Photo Release forms.

Step #2 - Complete the Payment

Use the Paypal button/s to proceed to payment. 

Non Members production fees are $80 for adults and $75 for under 18's (Use the left button).

This includes your 2021 membership and your show production fee.

Members production fees are $55 (use the right button), please ensure you are a current financial member (this is the year the show is performed in).

If your production requires you to purchase a cast T-Shirt, once you have paid your membership/ production fees click the T-Shirt only payment to pay the additional $25.

* If you are paying for someone in the cast that is not yourself, please add to the PayPal notes the name of the cast member you are paying for.

Non-members use this button below.                                                            Current members use this button below. 

Cast T-Shirt (Only) Payment

Step #3 - Working with Children Checks

If your production has anyone under 18, a Working with Children Check Number will be required. If you are unsure if you require this number please ask your production team.

If you already have a number please provide this to the production team. The number can be an employment or voluntary number.

To get a Voluntary Working with Children Check number, click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Once you have obtained your number please provide it to your production team.