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Items for Hire

What happens to props, scenery, costumes and equipment when a production ends? In most cases, they are given away or go back to charity, sold off, souvenired or even destroyed.

At CTG Inc, we pride ourselves at creating clever solutions to difficult problems posed by productions, and so rather than see our hard work go to waste, we keep a lot of what we create 'on file' in case we might need it again.

Have a look around and see whether we can assist you with your latest production...


Shrek The Musical

We have costumes, props, puppets (including Dragon) and animated projected backdrops for Shrek The Musical available for hire. please contact our Director of House and Tech at for a quote and more information 


Rock Of Ages

We have costumes, props, a bar, DMX controlled Bourbon Room and Venus Club light-up signs for Rock Of Ages available for hire. please contact our Director of House and Tech at for a quote and more information.

Avenue Q Puppets

Our friends at Rehearsal Room Theatre Productions have the complete set of puppets that replicate the Broadway designed work of Rick Lyons, with a host of special FX features and their own unique characters for a small ensemble. For more info visit their website at


Other Costume Hire

We have a number of other costumes available for hire. To find out what we have, contact

Technical Equipment
We also have a range of off-stage equipment such as music stands and radio communication devices (Comms) which are available for hire. To receive details of items available and a quote for their hire, please contact our Director of House and Tech at

Town Hall Theatre (Venue Hire)
The Town Hall Theatre is available to all members of the community for hire, including other theatre and performing groups. Requests for bookings can be made through the Town Hall Theatre Management Committee, which is a separate body from CTG Inc managing the theatre on behalf of Campbelltown City Council.

The Theatre is very popular and therefore bookings are taken up quickly. It is best to get in as early as possible with your preferred dates as the calendar is set 12 months in advance. For availability, conditions and costs, please contact the Town Hall Management Committee's Booking officer at

More information is available at


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